CIDNET Case Studies

CIDNET Case Studies

Need a little proof that CIDNET is as great as it seems? Well, look no further. Check out these real-life examples of how CIDNET improves the lives of staff, inmates, and friends and family. And who knows? Maybe your correctional facility will be the next to join these CIDNET case studies.

Cass County

Hear from Lieutenant Jeff Lickei as he talks about how his facility utilizes CIDNET Video, Mail, Enquire, and Market

Marshall County

Learn more about CIDNET Video, Mail, and Enquire from Patrick White and the staff at Marshall County Jail.

Butler County

Andy Yost and his staff speak on how
CIDNET Video, Mail, and Market
have  helped their facility.

What All CIDNET Case
Studies Have In Common:

The CID device is the core of every Smart Jail Ecosystem that we create. Inmates use it to send secure email to their loved ones, submit forms to staff, and participate in video sessions (including visitations and arraignments).

If you want to learn more about why our kiosks work so well and why inmates don’t break them, click the button below. Just remember that hardware is only half of the equation. Our proprietary services and applications are the real secret sauce.

The CID Device

The CIDNET Case Studies
Used These Apps:

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