Butler County Jail

Case Study

Butler County’s Experience with CIDNET 

In need of a real life example of the CIDNET Connectivity Suite for Corrections? Click play to experience CIDNET through the eyes of Butler County Jail.

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“The System Has Completely Changed How We Do things In Our Facility”

– Andy Yost        

Keep Your Inmates Connected

“When we went live with CIDNET it allowed inmates to reach out to loved ones, see their kids at home — things they didn’t have the ability to do previously.”

Visuals for Your Staff

” Visitation now is so much more simple. We have the ability to see what the inmates are doing, as they are doing it.”

Never Lose a Form Again

“From an employee standpoint, it’s so much easier. We aren’t losing track of medical or legal forms. We can print them off for nurses or respond directly from CIDNET.”

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