Cass County Jail

Case Study

Cass County’s Experience

Are you wondering what it’s like to have CIDNET’s Connectivity Suite for Corrections in your jail? Watch the video to learn about Lieutenant Jeff Lickei and Sergeant Wes Ludlow’s real life experiences with our products.

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“CIDNET Has Made A Huge Difference In Our Jail.”

-Lieutenant Jeff Lickei                    

No More Long Drives

“Inmates can visit their family anytime they want to and see their family in another state. Before, they had to come all the way here to get a face-to-face.”

Improve Your Jail Morale

“Generally, the inmates’ demeanor has improved since the CIDNET system has been in place”

Cut Down On Mail

“We’ve seen a reduction in the amount of mail that’s physically sent out. Economically it’s a lot cheaper for them to send out a secure email.”

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