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The fastest way to bring video visits to your jail

Forget lengthy RFPs, contract negotiations and endless meetings about cost-benefit analysis. CIDNET Video is nimble. You can test Video Visitations in your jail in a single day! 

Our video-as-a-service model doesn’t need installation, just plug in one of our devices and add an inmate. Then you’re ready to go!


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How it works

1. We determine how many CID Devices your jail needs.
2. We create accounts for your staff and train them.
3. We take your visitation schedule and program it into our system.
4. We ship the CID Devices and necessary equipment to your jail.
5. You place the CID Devices where you want them and connect the POE plug-in.
6. You add your inmate information to CIDNET (Names & PIN Numbers)
7. Friends and family create CIDNET accounts and link with their inmates.
8. Optional: You purchase Data and use it to Schedule Video Visits.
9. As visits are scheduled, move the inmate to the room of the CID Device
10. Inmates enters their PINs on the CID Devices and joins the video visit.

The Device We Send You


The CID Device only requires Power over Ethernet (PoE) to operate. It can be wall mounted or set up on a table to offer an immediate video visitation solution. Equipped with a metal exterior case, the CID Device is designed for use in a jail.

Two ways to schedule a remote video visitation

To schedule a video visitation through CIDNET, a few things need to happen. Your staff need to add the visiting inmate to your roster, and the visiting friend or family member needs to create an account through our public portal. Once both parties are in the system, your staff can schedule the remote visitations OR the inmate’s contact can request a video in the same way. That means there are two ways to schedule a visit, either your staff does it, or the inmate’s contact does it.

Friends And Family Request Visits Online

When an inmate’s contact requests a remote visit, your staff can review and approve or deny the request. Contacts can only select visitation times that conform with your facility rules, and if the contact schedules the visit, they pay for it.

Your Staff Schedule Visits Online

When your staff schedule a remote visit between an inmate and contact, the contact is notified of their visit by CIDNET autmatically. Staff-scheduled remote visits withdraw data from your facility balance instead of the contact’s.

How much Does it Cost?

With CIDNET Video, users don’t pay for minutes, they pay for the bandwidth they consume. That said, CIDNET charges $0.30 per Megabyte of data. The facility or the contact purchases data before visits can be scheduled.

A standard video visit transmits approximately 1.4 MB for every minute. That means a 5-minute video visit will use about 7 MB of data and cost $2.10.

What the Jail Pays to get started

How Much Does Installation Cost?

There is no cost for installation and setup of CIDNET under this offer because you are not purchasing the CID Device(s). Your facility has the option to pay for inmate visits by purchasing data at $0.30 per Megabyte on a going-forward basis. Or, you can let inmate contacts fund the visits.

How to get CIDNET

At this point, you have two ways to get started. You can fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page, or your can Generate your Own Contract by clicking the button below:

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