Digital Forms

Digitize the Forms Inmates Submit

Handwritten inmate forms are illegible and inefficient.  With CIDNET Enquire, every form is easy-to-read and stored in our database for reference later.  Free your staff from the chore of inmate forms.

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Why Jails Rely on
CIDNET Enquire:

Focused On the Process

We’ve built specialized quick-process screens to shrink the amount of time and effort that goes into inmate form fulfillment/review. Complete, deny, and respond to a form in seconds, all from the comfort of your desk, then move on to the next one.

Submission Certainty

Forget the days of squinting and straining to read your inmate’s handwriting. Read exactly what they type and go from there. Additionally, every time an inmate submits a form from a CID device, CIDNET can photograph the submitter and attach their image to the form.

Never Lose a Form Again

Because CIDNET Enquire forms are digital, there’s no chance that any of your staff will ever lose a form in the future. Nor do you need to worry about having pencils and paper on-hand. All of the record-keeping, context, and user actions are tracked and stored by CIDNET.

Custom Form Editor For Every Possible Application

Worried that your in-house forms are too complex to be replicated by our system? Don’t be. CIDNET Enquire includes a Form Editor that you can use to re-create your forms identically. Maybe even better than identically.

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CIDNET Enquire
Enforces Your Rules

Have your inmates ever entered their name where the date is supposed to go? Or left a critical piece of information blank?
Kiss the frustration goodbye.

Our software alerts the inmate when they try to enter information incorrectly, in some cases, it outright prevents it  from happening. If the digital forms aren’t filled out correctly, CIDNET Enquire will prevent inmates from submitting them.

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