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Your In-House Commissary

Does your facility provide commissary to its inmates without the assistance of a third-party provider? CIDNET Market can collect inmate orders and send them to your staff.

Click here to view the list of third-party commissary companies CIDNET has integrated with.

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Why In-House Commissaries  Use CIDNET Market:

Make Inmate Ordering Easy

Inmates have instant access to your list of commissary items. Staff can track and update all inmate orders across your facility in one central place. Disputes and questions are reduced because both parties can check the status and details of an order at any time.

Forget Paper Order Forms

Paper orders get lost every day. With CIDNET Market, your inmates will make fewer mistakes when ordering, and your staff will have fewer problems fulfilling those orders. By bringing digital orders to your facility, you’ll modernize your in-house process from top to bottom.

Auto-Calculate Costs

Let CIDNET Market do the math. From individual item prices to the order totals, staff and inmates will never need to guess at their balances again. Our software can tell your inmates exactly what their order will cost, eliminating needless questions.

Add Commissary
Items Faster Than your Inmates Can Blink

Want to update your list of items? CIDNET Market makes it simple. Need to limit certain items to certain inmates? CIDNET Market has you covered. By working closely with our partnered facilities, we’ve created a comprehensive number of commissary options that can be applied to your digital orders.

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Don’t Provide
In-House Commissary?

CIDNET has active integrations with the following commissary providers, with more currently in progress. Wondering if CIDNET will support your current commissary provider? Fill out the contact form and a solutions provider will find out for you.

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