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Transform corrections from the inside-out

Jails are abandoning  the slow, confusing, 30-year-old inmate phone platforms they’ve always had, and they’re getting something better: CIDNET Voice. 

Voice is a modern web app designed to make inmate communication easy and efficient for correctional officers, inmates and their families.

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What can you do to change the system?

Demand the Extraordinary

We’ve built something more than just a phone system. We’ve built a blueprint for correctional transformation that works for correctional officers, inmates and their friends and family.

CIDNET Voice Will revolutionize your facility

Voice is pushing the classic features of an inmate phone system farther than ever before.

Staff-Friendly Design

Most inmate calling platforms are hard to look at, much less use. That’s why we took the time to dive-deep and understand what jails really want from their UI.

Great Storage & Speed

When there are millions upon millions of voice cue records to search, you need efficient architecture engineered for speed. To sum up: old software = slow software.

Custom Alerts & Notifications

Not only can your staff and investigators track voice cues of specific inmates, they can be alerted immediately with custom triggers so they never miss a thing.


CIDNET Voice Is Used By Over 130 Correctional Facilities

Jails and prisons have a variety of needs, but CIDNET Voice is flexible enough to serve them all. We empower users through a consultative partnership – meaning we will work with you directly to craft the perfect solution. References rave about our products, because they just work.

Get More Done

Gone are the days of confusing, muddled user interfaces with millions of buttons. CIDNET keeps your inmate audio system as simple as possible.

Stay Secure

Cue data is securely stored at three redundant
information centers across the US. This is standard with all CIDNET data.

Ultimate Oversight

All cues made through the system can be monitored and recorded, depending on the rules of the correctional facility.


We pride ourselves on our intuitive design. If you and your staff have questions, there are a number of resources to help you as well.

New Technology meets classic hardware

CIDNET Voice is designed to integrate directly with the inmate phones, JMS, and commissary that are already apart of your jail. This backwards compatibility makes the installation process a breeze.

Same Phones

New Possibilities

Inmate Audio Devices
The Fair Way

What most jails and prisons don’t realize is that their constituents are being taken advantage of by predatory inmate phone practices, including: 

•Per-call fees
• First-minute calling rates
• Location-based calling rates
• Expensive “premium” call types

CIDNET Voice doesn’t have predatory pricing. Contacts pay a simple, nationwide rate for Data, then the system subtracts Data in accordance with the bandwidth they use to communicate.

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