Inmate Mail Scanning

Scan and Upload Inmate Mail to Reduce Contraband

What if you could give inmates their mail without letting them hold it? That’s the point of CIDNET Letters: Your staff scan and upload digital copies of the inmate’s mail, that way your inmates can view those digital “letters” on their CID devices without being exposed to hidden contraband.

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    The Mail Scanning Process

    1. Open and Scan

    Your staff will recieve mail as normal, but instead of passing it directly to the inmate (along with hidden contraband) your staff will open the mail and scan it.

    2. Add the Owners

    Once you have the scanned image, simply open the admin portal and begin the upload inmate letter process. Your staff will select the inmate and sender.

    3. Upload and Observe

    After the owners are added, your staff click the Upload button and the digitized mail is available for your inmate to view. 


    Ready to Ditch the Mail Cart?

    Here’s your chance. With features like these, CIDNET Letters will be the perfect mail scanning solution to streamline your inmate mail process. 

    Investigative Potential

    As with all data in CIDNET, your staff can use the records and entries to mine critical investigative insights.

    Inmates Get Digital Storage

    Inmates no longer have to worry about losing their mail property, since CIDNET stores a digital copy for them instead of a physical one.

    Senders Get Read Receipts

    When a sender signs up for a CIDNET Portal Account, they can all mail sent under their name, along with when the inmate reads it.

    Less Work for Staff

    No more mail call. As soon as staff upload it, inmates can see it, and none of the hidden contraband comes into the facility.

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