Law Library

A digital Law library Built for inmates 

Provide your inmates with meaningful access to the courts via the CIDNET Law Library app. 

Powered by elite, third-party legal vendors, the Law Library app can instantly empower your inmates with the right resources and articles.

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a Law library inside their housing units

With a digital law library, inmates can access vital legal resources without moving through your facility. They can remain in their housing units and login to wall-mounted or tablet CID devices.

With a digital solution, your inmates will always have plenty of copies of every resource, and you won’t worry about a thing.

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It’s Hard to Deface Digital Law Books

A digital law library avoids many of the problems that plague physical ones.

For example, inmates can’t destroy expensive law books or leave notes tucked secretly away, and jails don’t need multiple expensive subscriptions.

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Search Law the Right Way

From the ground-up, CIDNET Law Library was designed to enable purpose-driven legal searches by inmates. 

More than Just Caselaw

Provide access to statues, regulations, constitutions and court rules, too.

Intuitive Filters and Previews

Keyword searches and filters for article types are easy to learn and very powerful.

Useful Bookmarks

What good is a law library if you have to remember everything? Our app allows inmates to bookmark important articles they find.

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