Picture Messaging

Messaging for
Inmate Contacts 

There’s nothing more personal than a selfie, and with CIDNET Mail, the friends and family of inmates can send their incarcerated loved ones plenty.

The more they communicate, the more compliant they will be and  the more revenue they generate for your jail. Tell us you’re interested, and we’ll turn it on.

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Why Picture Messaging is Great:

Throw out everything you think you know about inmate picture messaging.  Our service is safe, secure, and great for the friends and family of inmates.

Contacts And Inmates Talk More Frequently

CIDNET charges customers based on the amount of data they use. The more ways a contcact can communicate, the more value they’ll get out of CIDNET. And that will make everyone in your community much happier.

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AI Visual Monitoring Blocks
All Adult Content

Nudity and Adult Content have long plagued the corrections industry. Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence, CIDNET can include a Visual Monitoring service that scans every inbound image, free of charge.

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Track Every Interaction.
Store Every Detail.

Just like the secure emails sent with CIDNET Mail, picture messages can be completely monitored and reviewed by jail staff at any time. All of the record-keeping, context, and actions taken are tracked and stored by the system.

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