Secure Email

Secure Email for Inmates & Family

Human communication has changed. Now, instead of talking on the phone or face-to-face, people will text or email each other. CIDNET Mail allows inmates and their friends and family to communicate with secure email sent through a facility-monitored platform. 

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How CIDNET Mail Improves

Inmates & Family have Options

When was the last time you wrote a letter? In the
digital age, physical mail is outdated. But people still
need a cheaper, text-based communication method
to keep in touch. CIDNET Mail meets that need, so
inmates and contacts can talk they way they want.

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Facility Staff have
More Control

Security is a top priority. Every secure email can be approved or declined before it reaches its intended recipient. Not only that, but CIDNET Mail includes a special text-filtering feature, meaning the system will flag text based on what is being said. Secure email is safe.

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More Access =
Better Outcomes

We’ve seen CIDNET Mail usage balloon in scale ever since we introduced the application last year. We’re also staunch believers in the power of networking. By helping inmates maintain their relationships, facilities could keep more people from reoffending. Communication is important.

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Save your Staff Time

How many hours a year do staff spend processing physical letters? With CIDNET Mail, you can get that time back. There’s no need for stamps, pencils or paper. Secure email means every inmate communication is recorded and searchable and your staff don’t have to deliver letters by hand ever again.  Doesn’t that sound like it would save some time?

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Secure Email
Benefits Everyone

Your facility is important. That’s why CIDNET Mail is not only safe, convenient, and beneficial for your inmates, it’s also financially beneficial for you. Provide a messaging service that treats people fairly and charges affordable rates. When inmates and their family talk, everyone is better off. That’s what CIDNET Mail is all about.

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