Video Arraignment

Use Video For Arraignments, Telemedicine, & Counseling Sessions

CIDNET Video isn’t your average video app. The Conference
feature allows correctional officers to schedule video arraignment, telemedicine, and counseling sessions whenever the need arises.

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Why You Need
Video Conferences

It Suits a Variety of Needs

Set up meetings between your inmates and judges, lawyers, nurses, doctors, counselors, spiritual advisors, and anyone else who needs to be involved.

It Supports 4 Participants

Up to 4 video feeds (including the inmate’s) can interact at once in a Conference session, meaning everyone can stay on the same page at the same time.

It’s Easy to Schedule

Choose the inmate device to use, who the contact(s) will be, and when you want the cue to start. These are the basics for making a conference work.

No New Hardware

Inmates can use the same devices they use for video cueing to participate in conferences and video arraignments. Users outside the jail only need an email, a computer, a microphone and a web-cam.


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Video Arraignment Is
A Game-Changer

The transportation of defendants requires time, puts additional demands on organizations to provide for the safety of the public, court personnel and for the security of the population held in detention. And everyone knows gas isn’t getting any cheaper.

Video arraignment allows staff, and legal professionals to satisfy arraignments without inmates leaving the facility. With CIDNET Video,  inmates can conduct meetings with judges or even their lawyers. And this is all possible without threatening attorney-client confidentiallity, since your staff can disable the recording feature at their discretion.

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