Video Visitation

Let Video
Transform your Visitation Process

CIDNET Video makes video cueing easy for you, your staff, your inmates and their friends and family. Inmates tell their friends to create an account, approved contacts schedule the video cues, and staff never have to transport inmates to the visitation room. 

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Everything you Want

Encartele’s support department will work with your facility to  configure CIDNET to match your policies.


On-Site Video Cues
Remote Video Cues
Stay Put
Contacts Visit from Home
Contacts Schedule the Videos
All Active Cues, One Screen
Replay and Download Cues
Terminate Videos in Real-Time
Supports Many Devices
Better Communication
Fewer People Entering Facility

Remote Video Cues for Long-Distance Relationships

Not everyone lives near your facility. Provide the friends and family of inmates with communication that works. Real-time, face-to-face conversations, as if the inmate never left home.  That’s how a family sticks together.

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Why Facilities
Love Remote Cues

Easy to Manage

All you need to worry about is approving or denying video cues. Approved contacts pick the calendar dates and times. These contacts are also responsible for making sure they start their video on time.

Affordable Communication

Because friends and family of inmates pay for data instead of pre-scheduled blocks of time, they don’t lose out when they end their video cues early. Instead, our service only charges for what they use.

Contacts Visit from Home

When both on-site and remote videos are available in a facility, we’ve seen on-site visits decrease by nearly 90%. Why would a visitor enter a facility when they can visit from home? Remote is the superior option.

Detention-Grade Security

Using the detention-grade touchscreen devices mounted to the walls in their housing areas, inmates can participate in video cues with approved contacts. These contacts then log in to the public portal to schedule when and how long they’d like to visit for. This schedule is subject to the rules and regulations of the facility, meaning a contact can’t visit on Saturday if you ban Saturday cues.

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On-Site Videos for Managing Transport Risks

Your facility doesn’t take inmates to a separate room to make a phone call, so why shouldn’t visitation be the same way? With Local Video Cues, staff won’t need to escort inmates to a visitation area. The less unnecessary contact your correctional officers have with inmates, the safer your facility will be.

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On-Site Video Cues
Make A Difference

Simple Controls

There’s nothing worse than a convoluted software program. CIDNET Video offers a wealth of options, but the basics are the easiest part. Start a cue now, or schedule one for later. Do we really need more options than that?

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Empowered Investigations

When a video cue is recorded, CIDNET saves the date and time, the inmate, the contact, the staff member monitoring the cue, when the cue ended, who ended it—the list goes on.

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Efficient Design

Users can enter their login credentials and start a video cue in 60 seconds. That’s because our web app was designed to be lean. That means fewer clicks, fewer menus, and plenty of server resources, all in the name of speed.

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