Content Broadcasting

Content Broadcasting TVs Reduce Paper

Most jails are littered with paper postings stuck to bulletin boards or taped to walls and windows. Content broadcasting does it differently. Clean up your jail and share information digitially with CIDNET Broadcast.

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CIDNET Broadcast
is the Answer

CIDNET Broadcast helps facilities wake up from this compliance communications nightmare. Your inmate handbooks, visitation schedules, reminders, and self-help resources belong on beautiful 50-inch LCD TVs, not pinned to a corkboard. Bring the latest content broadcasting technology to your jail.

Eliminate Paper Clutter

Take out the thumbtacks and throw away your corkboards. 

Professional Design

Graphics Team members will work with your facility to
design your CIDNET Broadcast Campaigns. 

Circulate Information Quickly

Update the postings everywhere in
your facility with a single click.

Campaigns with
Your Content

Using the CIDNET Content app’s content library, CIDNET Broadcast can publish your media all across your facility in the blink of an eye. The content broadcasting editor supports the following types of media:


Weather & Date
RSS Feeds
Video Schedules

Made Beautiful

If your content doesn’t catch the eye, your inmates won’t see it. 

Content Management

As soon as information changes, it can be updated on CIDNET Broadcast. The web-based design studio allows personnel to create and modify content quickly, ensuring that everyone stays on the same page.

You can create as many campaigns as you like, and access them all within the same software you use to monitor video cues and process inmate forms. No specialized programs required.

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Facility Rules become Eye-Catching Content

With CIDNET Broadcast, your rules are designed to make an impression. Captivate inmates with important information scrolling across the TV screens in their housing units. And when information changes, there’s no need to reprint anything. Just update the campaign information in real time.

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