Get FREE CIDNET DATA by Switching to Cidmobile

Do you own a cellphone? Do you pay for a wireless data plan for that cellphone?

If so, get more out of that monthly bill by switching to Cidmobile. Cidmobile offers prepaid wireless service through AT&T’s nationwide network.

When you buy and activate a Cidmobile prepaid plan, you’ll get a Cidnet Megabyte Credit to talk to your incarcerated loved one for FREE.

To qualify, you must have a phone that is eSIM compatible. Buying and activating your plan happens entirely online and takes less than five minutes.

CidSpace is a social engagement portal designed for people who have been impacted by incarceration.

Add friends, follow pages, access resources, join groups, and engage with other users to find community.

In CidSpace, we consistently run contests that reward users with free Cidnet Data, just for engaging and sharing their thoughts.

Join by downloading the app in the App Store or the Google Play store.