Friends and Family Portal

Welcome to the Friends and Family Portal

You can create an account or contact our customer service team using this page. If you want to contact your inmate or sign-up for a new account, click the “Contact Inmate” button below. If you want to contact our customer service team, click the “Customer Service” button below. CIDNET is owned and operated by Encartele.

How to Contact Your Inmate

we provide communication services to keep you in touch with your friend or relative, and these services come through two primary platforms: CIDNET and ICENET. CIDNET is our flagship inmate communications system and ICENET is our legacy system. Different correctional facilities (jails and prisons) use different services. After you understand the difference between an ICENET and a CIDNET account, follow these steps to get connected.

1. Create Account

2. Deposit Funds

3. Start Talking

Phone Calls 

To stay in touch with an inmate through prepaid phone calls, create an ICENET account.


Video Sessions
& Messaging

To stay in touch with an inmate through video visits from home and text/picture messages, create a CIDNET account.


How to know which Accounts you need

Not every correctional facility offers CIDNET video visitation calls and messaging as a way to stay in touch. Check the facility website to find out what provider they use for inmate calling, video visitation, and messaging services. Then set up accounts with those providers. CIDNET makes new users verify their correctional facilities during account creation, meaning you won’t be able to sign up for a CIDNET account unless your facility offers CIDNET services. 

How to Reach CIDNET Customer Service

If you already have a CIDNET account, the best way to reach our customer service team is by submitting a CIDNET Ticket. Tickets are responded to first before any other channel of customer service.

If you do not have a CIDNET account, the best way to reach our customer service team is by submitting a message through our contact form located at the bottom of this page.

Customer Service Channels

Phone: 888-984-1903
For Existing Customers: CIDNET Ticket
For Non-Customers: Contact Form

Contact Customer Support