Friends and Family Portal

Welcome to the
Friends and Family Portal

At Encartele, we provide communication services to keep you in touch with your friend or relative. After you understand the difference between an ICENET and a CIDNET account, follow these steps to get connected.

1. Create Account

2. Deposit Funds

3. Start Talking

Phone Calls 

To stay in touch with an inmate through prepaid phone calls, create an ICENET account.


Video Sessions
& Messaging

To stay in touch with an inmate through video visits from home and text/picture messages, create a CIDNET account.


Not every Encartele facility offers CIDNET video visitation calls and messaging as a way to stay in touch. Contact the facility that your friend or relative is currently residing in to find out if they offer CIDNET services. If they do, you may need to create BOTH an ICENET and CIDNET account.