Cidnet puts the a.i. In Jail

The Cidnet Intelligence Suite is a treasure trove of tools that help facilities solve more cases and prevent future crimes.

Intelligence Tools that Arm You With Actionable Information

Voice-to-text Transcription

The audio from every Voice and Video CUE is automatically transcribed into text when both parties hang up. This creates a conversation database that can be searched and analyzed with no human involvement. Corrections professionals can gather unique insights and set up notifications pertaining to relevant intelligence that would otherwise remain trapped in a recording. Let your system do the heavy lifting when it comes to data analysis with Cidnet’s Transcription technology. 

Flagged Text Alerts

All recorded conversations that happen through Cidnet’s Voice, Video, and Mail Apps eventually end up in text format. As a Cidnet user, you can set up real-time or periodic alerts that notify you of keyword or phrase usage. The system will flag keywords or phrases used between an individual inmate and individual contact, an individual inmate and all contacts, all inmates and an individual contact, or all inmates and all contacts. Cidnet’s Flagged Text Alerts makes the tall task of monitoring all conversations less labor-intensive and much more effective.

Multi-Party Detection

Most conversations that take place involve an inmate and more than one speaker. This, however, can become a problem when the person on the other line is someone you don’t want the inmate talking to. Cidnet’s Multi-Party Detection tool can notify you if an inmate is having a conversation with more than one person by identifying multiple unique voices in the recording. This keeps you in the know and provides the intelligence to act.

Biometric Speaker Identification

Leverage continuous speaker identification to detect instances of inmate PIN sharing and theft. Isolate speakers, create and store voice prints, and analyze recordings from the existing and released inmate population. Artificial intelligence and machine learning analyze audio recordings and notify investigators of conversations where fraud may be detected. Always be in the know with Cidnet’s Biometric Speaker Identification.

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